Technology & Safety

Courteous, Reliable & Professional Transportation


Delivering consistent and reliable ground transportation services is our number one priority and US Limo System will ensure this by utilizing the latest computer technologies, trained staff members and new model vehicles. We continue to invest into the latest vehicle tracking systems, GPS, mapping and dispatch software technologies to deliver the highest quality services and unparalleled safety to our clients.


State-Of-The-Art Transportation Technology


State-Of-The-Art Technology & Systems


  • Internet Reservations System
  • Frequent Traveler Free Online Account
  • 24 Hour Service - 7 Days - 365 Days a Year
  • GPS System in Each Vehicle
  • Flight Tracking Systems - We Track Your Flights To Be There When You Get In
  • Live Traffic & Construction Updates
  • Drive Cam - Onboard Video Monitoring Service
  • View Service Activity & Print Receipts Online
  • Request Quotes Online
  • One Call - One Bill Convenience
  • Last Minute Reservation Update System
  • Nationwide Affiliate Worldwide Transportation System - We Handle All Your Ground Transportation Needs


US Limo System makes our new chauffeurs complete an extensive in-house training program, submit to a detailed background check and drug testing. We continuously monitor our chauffeurs driving records and train our chauffeurs on a regular basis.


Our entire team is dedicated to implementing new strategic ways of making ground transportation services more convenient and safe. US Limo System has implemented many resources to ensure that we provide the highest level of quality service and dependability.


Flight Tracking Service


Flight Tracking


Our dispatch center utilizes FlightView, an approved flight tracking system connected to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to provide up-to-the-minute flight information. Our dispatch team can plan, monitor and adapt our operations to constantly changing air traffic and flight patterns. In addition, dispatchers have around-the-clock communication with the chauffeurs and are constantly updating traffic reports.


Fleet Maintenance & Safety Inspections


US Limo System takes utmost care of our professional fleet vehicles. Our fleet maintenance team conducts safety checks and cleans each vehicle before it arrives at your point of pick up.


Each vehicle must pass local and regional safety checks and meet our stringent livery vehicle code requirements. Our fleet is carefully kept to the highest operating levels and inspected frequently for your safety.


Professional Chauffeurs Make The Difference


Our Professional Chauffeurs Make The Difference


US Limo System employs the best chauffeurs in the industry. You will find your chauffeur well appointed, polite and professional. Each chauffeur undergoes extensive training to ensure your transportation experience will be the absolute best it can be. Each chauffeur will arrive 15 minutes early, be professionally dressed and greet you with a smile.


Our team is dedicated to providing seamless ground transportation services in New York, its surrounding areas and nationwide. Please call us with any questions, to open up an account or to receive a quote for service.